Netbuilders365 School | Dance Teachers and Football coaches


Netbuilders365 School was built in 1985. We were the first school in our area to win the Green Flag and the Active Flag too


It is managed by a Board of Management and is funded by the Department of Education and Skills.


Today there are 350 pupils attending Netbuilders365 School. 


We are very proud of our school. We have worked hard to develop this wonderful school where every child is valued!


Please spend some time exploring our wonderful new website!!!


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide an Education to each child, which reflects their individual needs .

This is reflected in the ethos of our school and guides us as a school community.

Our Staff

We have twenty full-time teachers and several part-time  SET teachers. In addition to Primary Curriculum classes are provided by outside professionals including dance teachers, Football coaches and Swimming Instructors.

There are five Special Needs Assistants who assist the children ensuring that they can safely engage in learning activities throughout the school day. 


Enrolment – Please

Enrolment will take place early in the new school year. Enrolment for the school year 201/2022 will be determined by the new Admission Policy. Our new policy will be available on our Website shortly.

Progressing Disability
Services for Children
and Young People

The HSE is introducing the Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People Programme.

Its aim is to achieve a national unified approach to delivering disability health services so there is a clear pathway for all children and young people to the services they need (HSE, 2014). Some children and young people may have their needs met by their local primary care services. Those with more complex needs will be looked after by children’s disability network teams in a defined
geographic area regardless of the nature of their disability or developmental delay.